Take a Look into These Different Kinds of Surgeries to Cure Piles

piles surgery

There are countless people all over the world, especially in Singapore who suffer from piles which are also known as haemorrhoids. This affliction generally affects very few people in Singapore. They are unusually large and swollen blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum that causes a lot of irritation and pain. There are various methods of piles surgery in singapore which are given below:

piles surgery

  1. Haemorrhoidectomy

This method is very convenient for third and fourth-degree piles. By using general anaesthesia, surgical incisions are made to cut haemorrhoid away. This is a simple outpatient procedure and the patients are released a few hours after the surgery. This procedure relieves patients from discomfort and bleeding.

  1. Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy

This is a comparatively minimal invasive procedure which is used to cure haemorrhoids. A device which looks like a stapler is used to rearrange the haemorrhoid and cut off the blood supply. This procedure can be a little painful but has a short recovery time.

  1. Laser Haemorrhoidectomy

A laser beam is used in this advanced procedure to cure haemorrhoids. This might turn out to be a little expensive as well as a very painful process.

  1. Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialization

This process mainly focuses on reducing the blood flow in the haemorrhoids. General anaesthesia is used along with a small device with Doppler Ultrasound probe are inserted into the anus to locate the blood vessels around the anal passage. This procedure lowers the risk of bleeding out and experiencing pain while passing stool.