Deuter backpack singapore: Get Pack on it more things with comfort

deuter backpack singapore

I have always wanted to travel around the world, but I do not have much money to fulfill my desire to travel. So all I could do was “pack my deuter backpack.” I love being a tourist. I have already hiked in some places. One of them, Singapore, with a budget of 1,500,000 IDR (1 US dollar = 8,900 DDR), not including the round trip ticket.

Best places

If you are Indonesian and want to go abroad, Singapore is one of the best places you would like to visit. I will tell you how to arrive and stay for 5 days with only IDR 2,500,000. First, you must follow the publicity given by any airline. I recommend you visit the Air Asia website, where you will find the cheapest flights. Keep in mind that the sooner you book your flight, the cheaper it will be. I got a return ticket for only 500,000 IDR.

deuter backpack singaporeSo, what you should do after receiving your ticket is to plan where you would like to stay in Singapore. Having a colleague or a family in the country would be a great cost reduction. If you do not have them, then the deuter backpack singapore will be an excellent option. This is not the best and most comfortable place to relax, but it is good enough to rest after a tiring day of shopping or sightseeing. The cost of this shelter is approximately 60,000 – 100,000 DDR per person per day. Then it’s around 500,000 DDR for 5 days.